Kids Furniture

“Cozy-do” 4 in 1 Bed

One piece of furniture with four different possibilities of use: for the new cozy-do quick- change artist, this is no problem! With just a few simple movements, it can cleverly adapt to meet the requirements of your little one’s room, making it a loyal and lasting companion until adolescence. From a cuddly cave that promotes soft dreams to an adventurous stronghold of robbers – here children can experience their very own cozy-do moments!

4 in 1: Co-sleeper – Baby bed/Playpen – Junior bed – Playhouse.

Organic and nature design approach, with the focus on the craft and its qualities, finding the roots back to the company‘s origin.

Moses Basket Rocker and Nest

The Moses Basket offers a safe and secure feeling for your baby. Its limited lying surface, which is optimally adapted to the height of newborns, and the high side walls are reminiscent of the tightness and warmth in mum’s stomach. This has a calming effect on the little ones and supports the healthy baby sleep.

Traveller foldable highchair

The Traveller highchair can be quickly and easily folded flat. This means that you can store it without taking up a lot of room when not in use or take it with you in your car when for a visit at the grandparents or a holiday home.

Nest In The Clouds bedroom

Simply heavenly: In the Nest In The Clouds children’s bed, even the little ones sleep like they’re sleeping on clouds. The growing cot impresses with its dreamy, nostalgic design with curved decorative profile on the bed sides and also convinces with many well thought-out equipment details.

Playpen Karl

The Karl playpen grows with your child, offering babies and toddlers a safe space to play, sleep, and take their first steps. It meets the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, and comfort.