Fascinated by the material copper and its reaction with water, I designed a water tap and shower. The focus was on creating a new design, which shows off the water flow and celebrates the material and its properties.

What: A family of bathroom fittings

Why: The surface of copper, brass and bronze changes over time as a result of oxidation and use. In creating a family of bathroom fittings, Paulina Neiser wanted to exploit this effect as a way of letting users personalise products, thereby letting them become more beautiful and vivid with the passage of time. Her goal challenges the norm in industry, where products that are no longer ‘new’ and ‘shiny’ are dumped and replaced.

How: Water flows out through the angled slit in the shelf, and the same angle and curves appear in the taps and shower head, uniting the collection, emphasising the flow of water, and inviting users to touch them.

Quote: “My work is designed to become more precious over time.”