2 Touch

In the time of smartphones, Facebook
and the constant accessibility of the Internet,
humans lack of intimacy and touch.
The most touched object is the touch–screen
and not a human being.
Nowadays, touch is easily confused
as a sexual approach and
not as a gesture of kindness and empathy.

However, we have a primeval need of touch.
To feed our natural craving for touch
we have a rising demand of massaging and
esoteric healing treatments.

Touch is crucial for baby’s development.
It improves our immune system,
mood and reduces stress.
Within a touch we feel love, trust,
affection and wellbeing.
By touching someone,
we not only feel the person but ourselves.
We are able to connect with our feelings,
desires, needs and the whole body.

The goal of “2 touch” is to playfully learn,
develop and explore the feeling of touching
and being touched.
The different abstract shapes and
natural materials offer a variety of
touch experience, which is guided by
play cards that give instructions and
exercises around the body and
the touching tools, for the parent and the child.